In an attempt to stop the dreaded paralysis by analysis happening due to such a long list of tasks.  I am starting to build out a to do list so I can tick off item by item.  Breaking down the tasks into broad categories, and then small chunks to try and finish off items.


  • Secure fuel lines from tank to engine bay
  • Review and adjust placement of fuel pump an secure lines to pump
  • High pressure fuel filter to be added near engine
  • Return breather line to be fitted
  • Charcoal canister to be sourced and fitted


  • Wire up engine loom to power
  • New battery required to replace Full River HC20
  • Chassis loom to be finished
  • Front indicators to be sourced
  • Side repeaters to be sourced
  • Tail lights to be sourced
  • Dasy to be wired


  • Modify transmission mount to fit between tunnel rails
  • Talk shaft made up


  • Rebuild second brake caliper
  • Mount handbrake to tunnel
  • Run, fit and adjust handbrake cables
  • New brake line to conect rear calipers
  • Bracket from hard line to flexible brake line to support fro chassis to rear axle


  • Trim nosecone and mount
  • Mount body to frame
  • Trim an mount bonnet with body clips