Arrow Clubman Build

Many years ago I saw my first Lotus 7 Clubman and I fell in love. The car was so small and nimble I was amazed at how fast it went around corners. I knew from then I had to have one.
Years later driving through the local shopping center car park I came across the below car which re ignited the passion.

After much research and investigation I learnt that the car I saw and fell in love with was actually the local distributors of Arrow Sportscars Clubman kit cars. As with many a dreams, money is the denial of living them out. Then the great idea of “…why I don’t I build one”. I can build it as the funds are available. Great idea. And thus began my research and eventual purchase of an Arrow Sportscars clubman kit …

I will be trying to keep a accurate diary of how my Arrow Clubman build project goes and the issues I run into.

Happy reading….

Arrow Clubman Inspiration

So the car I am building is a clubman kit by Arrow Sportscars. Arrow Sportscars currently have 2 different clubman models that they produce. The SEiW, which is a wide body clubman with independent rear suspension. The clubman model I chose was the SEW. Still a wide body but with a live axle. Both cars have the option of having a wide front end with extended front wishbones. The wide front extends the wheels out by about 50mm each side.

For me deciding on the specs were fairly straight forward. I wanted my clubman build to be as simple as possible. This is my first attempt at building so didn’t want to have break new ground. The engine and axle choice was easy. Both have been done many times before.

My cars specs…

  • SEW live axle Arrow Sportscars clubman chassis kit
  • Wide front end
  • Toyota 4AGE 20v Silvertop engine
  • Toyota T50 5 speed gearbox
  • Ford Escort 4.44 live axle
  • 16 x 7 alloys (a bit big but will look cool)
  • Ford Cortina front discs and calipers
  • Rear brakes, Nissan Skyline R31 rear calipers over Audi 90 discs

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