Whilst progress has been very slack with no real updates for almost a year now, I have finally got a bit of drive back to get this car off its stands and on the ground. The motivation came in the form of some pretty harnesses for Xmas! They were black 4 point Kit Car harness from Prima Motorsport in the UK. I dont have any photos yet but here is a plagerised photo from Prima’s website.

I also got the lightweight adjusters which are a nice touch.

So now on to the plans to get this rig on the ground. I have quite a few little tasks.

  • remove the current 3.89 diff centre and change it to my 4.4 as it has the smaller flange on it which helps clear the tunnel
  • Replace the rear axles, I only just realised that they have had the end machined down so there isnt enough meat to locate the disc on
  • A little bit of fettling of the gearbox mount as I am not happy with its fitting at the moment
  • Double check all the fuel line plumbing
  • And the main thing is to measure and get the small flexible brake hoses for the rear calipers made up and fitted

Once these few little things are done I should be able to drop the car on the ground!