Well almost 10 years have passed and the car is still sitting up on stands with very little done.  I am finally going to get back into finishing this car off.

First step was to get this site up and running not only as a possible helpful place for other builders but so I can remmeber the things I have done and more inportanly things I havent done.

First step check.

Next was to catcully get the car in state that was able to be worked on.  This required a fair bit of clean up around the car as lots of bits and pieces ended up being stored inside and on the car.

Second step check

Now I have some space, a rough rememberance of where I am up to, i need to decide where to start.  I am thinking get the fuel system all finished off including some of the emissions controls like charcoal canister and vacum lines

Third step, kind of check 🙂