So after many weeks of no work I finally got into the shed to tick off a few very small items.  Firstly was finishing off the rear end of the fuel plumbing.  I fitted a 1/2″ outlet to my fuel tank and bought a Proflow fuel filter from American Autoparts.  Now I have 1/2″ fuel line out of the tank, to the pre pump fuel filter, then onto the inlet of the Bosch fuel pump.  The rest of the system is 3/8″ after the high pressure pump.  Now the pre pump filter is a 30 micron which might be a little fine and has the potential to restrict flow, so I will likely change the insert at some stage to something a little larger.

Also after much research I found the right adapter to fit the Autometer oil pressure sender to the Toyota 4AGE 20v engine.  I got so confused with thread pitch’s and sizing, but with some detailed responses on OzClubbies for another forum member I was able to work it out in my head.  In the end it was a Speco Thomas unit with the part number of 543-31.  On first try everything fits nicely together!