As soon as I got the chassis home and up on the stands, the first thing to do was to start fitting the alloy panels to the frame. What started as a fun and fulfilling job soon turned very tiresome and painful job. Drilling many many holes and then hand riveting all the sheets caused hand cramps and numerous blisters. I would highly recommended an air rivet gun if you can get your hands on one.

All panels were riveted every 50mm to 75mm depending on the panel with a bead of Sikaflex 252. This stuff really sticks. Before applying make sure both edges are nice clean.

Something that I also didn’t realise is that Sikaflex comes in both black and white. I managed to grab one of each. None of it is really seen but its annoying to know it doesnt match.

Here is a picture of the back panel going in with clamps holding the rear quarter panel in place for drilling.