As I started to look into gauges I found increasingly frustrating at how many tachos and speedos that don’t come matching. I could find match colours but not matching sizes and vice versa in many brands. In the end I decided to order some gauges from the US. I found a brilliant place to deal with, eGauges. A quick search of their site and found all the gauges I needed. I decided on the autometer Phantom range with 85mm speedo and tach, with the auxiliary gauges in 52mm.

Part numbers:

  • Phantom speedometer 190kmh, 85mm – 5887M
  • Phantom tachometer 10,000rpm, 85mm – 5897
  • Phantom fuel gauge 240-33ohms short sweep, 52mm – 5716
  • Phantom water temp 40-120C short sweep, 52mm – 5737M
  • Phantom volt meter 8-18v short sweep, 52mm – 5791
  • Phantom oil pressure 0-100psi short sweep, 52mm – 5727