Finally I got around to having the flanges on my axles machined down to suit the new Audi disc rotors. With the help of Sam from SQ Engineering I got the outer edge of the axle machined down ever so slightly to allow the disc to slide over. Sam did a great and very thorough job.

The flange almost looks chromed on the edges now…shame you will never see it. I also just slotted in the new extended studs. Still have to press these on properly.

Whilst visiting Sam he is also very handy with the welder. After a quick clean up of my very ordinary tack welding, the brackets were welded in place. We were mindful to only weld in short bursts and alternating ends. Hopefully avoiding distortion to the housing due to the high heat.

Final steps once everything is confirmed a fit, will be to give everything a once over with the grinder and flapper disc to tidy the housing up before I give the whole lot a coat of paint. I may look into using something like POR-15 or the Aussie version from KBS