So the wiring has been taking longer than I anticipated. I think this was due to having a session in the garage the other week where everything went wrong. Everything I touched I had to redo. This caused me to let the car sit for a little with no attention. I thought whilst I recovered from my uselessness I would organize the battery. I went with the Fullriver HC20 battery and a matching bracket to hold it in place which seemed a great and much cheaper equivalent to the Odyssey PC680 that most use.


I played around with positioning but ended up settling on underneath the steering column. In this spot it is out of the way making the wiring neat and tidy, and more importantly not near the exhaust.

It was a bit of a pain the backside getting the battery in place, actually I should rephrase it was supremely difficult to hold a 7 or 8 kg odd battery in place with one hand whilst trying to screw the bracket into place. I got there in the end tho.


In this photo it does look close to the column but it clears everything by at 30mm or so. To finish the job off I will sheet the bottom of the chassis with some aluminum to protect the battery from any debris that might flick up underneath the car.