Fitting the diff brackets was a what I thought was going to be a fairly straight forward procedure.  In parts it was.  Cutting off the brackets was easy.  I used and angle grinder with a cut off wheel to cut the majority of the existing mounting brackets.  Then I changed to a grinding disc to smooth and get the last bits off.

That was the easy part.  Whilst not super hard, it was quite tricky getting the brackets to sit square to and in parallel with the diff ends and face. It took a lot of fiddling to get it lined up perfectly.  I used many g clamps and welding magnets to hold it all in place.  I was very happy once I had it all tacked in place and everything lined up perfectly by the ruler.  I thought it best to do a test fit and again everything lined up.  I did not fully weld the brackets on as I only have a gasless mig and I do not trust my welding skills.  I am still very amateur with the welder.

Trial fitting the axle in the chassis with the brackets tacked in place.

Another view of the bracket.