It’s funny how even the smallest things excite when it comes to my clubbie. Today my not so exciting to everyone else (apparently), engine mounts came. My friends think it’s ridiculous how excited I get over 2 little chunks of rubbery metal.

I am lucky enough to have a friend who works for Blackwoods who got a pair of the mounts sent out for me. The Blackwood part number is 09019500 and they are a Mackay Machinery Isolator, m114-60.

Here is a shot of the mounts before they went on the car.

And this is what they look like bolted into the engine bay. They are only done up loosely at the moment to allow for a little play when bolting the engine in.

Now I just need to pick up a nutsert/rivnut tool so I can bolt the gearbox mount to the chassis, and then the engine will be ready to bolt in. I think I might have to get the car down off the saw horses and onto some axle stands before I attempt getting the engine into place, as I am not sure how much clearance I will have to the ceiling of the garage and the slope of the driveway. I really need to give the garage a good tidy up before that happens though.

This is what the whole thing is looking like at the moment…