Previously the gearbox and clutch was all bolted together as a trial to make sure I did manage to get the right flywheel and clutch combo. Everything was right and fitted perfectly. So today I pulled the gearbox off the motor so I can tighten and torque everything up. I have delayed doing this as I didn’t have the tiny clips that clip (Toyota part number 31232-22010) the throw out bearing to the clutch fork. I am not sure why I wasted so much time getting them as it only took one call to the local Toyota dealer and they had some ready for pick up in 3 days, all for the princely sum of $7.

You can just see the clips in this photo.

I did have to do some Googling to find the torque specs for the flywheel and clutch bolts. I ended up going with 74Nm for the flywheel bolts and just 19Nm for the clutch to flywheel. I hope this is about right.

The clutch I fitted was just a heavy duty variant. Time will tell if I should have gone with something a little more elaborate. I figure for such a light car this should be fine.

You can just see the lightweight flywheel in this pic….still think it looks awesome!

So now the gearbox and engine are bolted happily back together with everything torqued up and ready for installation into the car. Happy days!