On the front I am using the standard Ford Cortina TC/TD brake setup. The calipers got a light freshen up but were already in great condition from a recent rebuild. A coat of VHT satin black caliper paint and they look as good as new.

Whilst I was at it I gave the hubs a good clean and a coat of paint.

New bearings were used as well. A thing to take note of that there are 2 different sizes of bearings depending on the upright. One TC/TD upright has a large inner bearing size diameter of 27mm (Part # L44649/10) and the other has a internal diameter of 29mm (Part # 45449/10). The external diameter is the same on both of 50mm. As luck would have it, the first set of uprights I managed to get hold of had one of each size. I did manage to track down a matching set, eventually.

I had several sets of discs including a nice cross drilled set. They were used and were getting down to minimum thickness so I decided to have them replaced with some new standard DBA rotors (DBA115).

To finish the brakes off I will have to get some longer front brake hoses made up as the ultra wide front end makes the standard cables a bit to short. They almost pull tight when the wheel is on full lock which will put to much strain on them.