Unfortunately as I had planned this weekend, I was unable to go and get the hard lines for the fuel lines, so instead I did some tidy up of the garage and put on the side alloy panels.  I really don’t enjoy the paneling at all.  Drilling all the holes, then playing with messy Sikaflex, then after all that hand riveting the panels on.  I had an extra tough time this time as my corking gun broke.  It was a cheapy, and I guess you get what you pay for.

The handle snapped clean through…to strong for my own good 🙂

To add to the fun the gun broke half way through so I couldn’t even leave and dash down to Bunnings.  I decided to cut the Sikaflex tube open and use a old flat head screwdriver to smear it on the tubes.  It actually worked out really well.  I just placed blobs and smoothed it down the tubes.  Just like icing a cake.

The last thing I did was bend up some alloy strips to use to hold down the fuel tank.  I will have to go down to Clarke rubber or similar to get some rubber to fit between the strap and the tank.  I already fitted some M6 nutserts into the tubes to bolt the straps down when done.

Only small things done, but at least it was all steps forward this week.  Really keen to get the pipes down the tunnel so I can get the engine in.