Again a very slow few weeks.  I have decided to make a start on the plumbing of the fuel lines and the electrical work.  I have spent many hours so far drawing up the electrical diagram for the car.  I do have a basic 12 fuse wiring loom but this only has one relay on it.  I think I will need at least a couple more for lights, horn and just general ignition.  I am hoping it all should be pretty straight forward.  Keeping it neat and tidy will be my biggest challenge I think.

Also I started with the fuel lines from the fuel tank.  I just popped down to the local Narre Warren Autobarn and picked up some EFI hose, clamps and filters. They aren’t particularly cheap there compared to other places but have always had great service, especially compared to Supercheap.  I still have to grab some 5/16 bundy to complete hard lines down the transmission tunnel to finish the plumbing job off.  Hopefully that will be this coming weekend.

Before I got stuck into the lines I used my new rivnut tool to insert some 6mm rivnuts into the chassis to mount the fuel pump.  I was a little concerned about having the pump mounted down and in potential harms way when trying to keep it gravity fed by the tank.  But after mounting it I figure should be all ok, considering if anything hits the pump it is taking the surge pot off the bottom of the tank as well.


Whilst I was out I grabbed a plastic bodied filter for before the pump and an EFi metal can filter for after.  I did make a slight mistake and got a low pressure filter with a right angle outlet.  I thought this would make the routing to the pump easier.  On closer inspection the inlet is to long and wont sit nicely with the tanks outlet.  For $5 odd I am sure I can afford a different style.

My last concern were the clips I picked up to secure everything in place.  Now the labelling says they are for EFI hoses but I am just not convinced.  They dont seem to have the strength to really tighten.  The last thing I want is a fuel line blowing off.  I might keep on the look out for something a little more solid.

You can just see one of the clamps in this shot of the fuel return line.

Lastly I have the metal EFI filter which I will mount in the engine bay.  On my last trip to the wreckers I grabbed a mount out of a R31 skyline to hold the filter.  From memory the chap at Autobarn said the filter was for an R31, so is a perfect fit.

Hopefully I should have all the lines in this weekend, depending if I can get some 5/16 bundy and get the ends flared.  Hopefully the local brake place will have some.