Whilst trawling through eBay I came across a chap selling a Bosch 070 (0580464070 – Holden Commodore VL) fuel pump. Apparently these pumps are good to flow around 280 to 300hp. Not quite sure I will need that much power but it would be nice.

To be honest I didnt need the pump just yet so I thought I would drop a low bid of just $29 on it. Several hours later and I was the winning bidder. Not sure how that happened but was super happy. A week later and the pump arrived. I wasn’t expecting much for such a low price. But wasn’t pleasantly surprised on openeing. The pump was in its original plastic and box with protective caps still in place. It was in perfect condition.

I am yet to sort where I will mount the pump to make sure it’s gravity feed by the small surge tank, which is built into the bottom of the fuel tank. I don’t want it hanging out below the car. I am sure I will work it all out.