,I finally got around to picking up some hard brake and fuel lines.  The fuel lines are 5/16 and the brake are 3/16 bundy.  The first fun task was to try and straighten the tube out as it comes in 8m rolls.  The brake line was quite easy but the fuel was a little trickier.  To straighten I drilled a couple of holes through a thick piece of wood just large enough to slide the start of the tube through.  Then just pulled the tube through.  Due to the wood being reasonably thick it straightens the tube as it pulls through.

After getting the tube kind of straight I spent the rest of the day bending and trimming the brake lines for the front of the car.  Not a hard job but was quite fiddly to get things lined up how I wanted.  To start with I just used my hands and a round rubber tube i had lying around to make the bends.  This worked quite well but not great.  In the end I popped down to Repco and picked up a pipe bender.  It wasn’t easier to use but gave far more consistent results.  When bending I tried to leave a reasonable amount of straight length at each end to allow the flares to be done.  When I have a chance I will take these to the local brake shop and get them to fit the ends.

Once I have the fittings on I will be able massage the lines into the car more neatly.

Now for the fuel lines I used the same procedure as the brakes but since they are much larger they are also much harder to: a) straighten and b) bend to shape.  Hopefully the local brake shop can fare ends of these as well.  Again once the flares have been done and my brake lines are in I will massage these into shape better.  As can be seen by the photos they are in a pretty rough way.

I have started to bend the fuel lines from one side of the transmission tunnel to the other just before they enter the rear of the car.  Hopefully this will create a little more room for brake lines, plus keep all my hoses nice and neat as they meet up on the opposite of the car.

I am still deciding what to use to mount the lines to the chassis.  I do have some nylon p-clips I will use for the brake lines with some rubber tubing slipped over the tube in places it is likely to rub.  For the fuel lines I may use some rubber coated metal p-clips.  Will see how I go one everything is flared and ready to bolt in.