Being the fussy person that I am, I decided I didnt like the tatty look and feel of the original Corolla KE30 steering column stalks.  They really looked there age.  Plus as I dont plan on having windscreeen wipers I removed the wiper stalk from the left hand side of the column.

So off I went to Centre Road wreckers and searched to find a indicator stalk that could replace the old one.  Luckily it seems that Toyota used a fairly consistent design in a lot of there early cars.  I managed to find a near new looking example in a AE93 Corolla.  I quickly removed it from the car and headed home.  Now they both use a similar system of a pin running through the stalk but the new stalk had the pin in a different place, and was a different size.  However the fitting at the end of the stalk was near identical.  This made things easy.  All I had to do was slot the stalk into place, measure where the pin sat and cut a small notch with my Dremel to allow for it.  After that it was a mater of drilling a small hole through the stalk to accommodate the original stalks pin.  And presto it all slipped together.

And hear is the finished result….much nicer

The one concern I did have was that the bend in the stalks were slightly different and that I wouldn’t have clearance for my hand between it and the steering wheel.  To test I quickly fitted my second hand but brand new bargain find OMP Super Quadro steering wheel.  Everything fits perfectly and the self cancelling indicators still work without a hitch.  Very happy.