After a bit of a break from the car due to hurting my neck, I am getting back into it.  I have decided to start to tackle the wiring.  Luckily for me I did pay to have my engine wiring loom modified by Alecam Motorsports in Queensland.  It was the best couple hundred I ever spent.  The wiring diagram that comes back with the engine loom makes it virtually a plug and play affair.

The first step was to mount the aluminum sheet to the chassis where all the fuse box, relays and ECU will go.  It is mounted via hinge so it can swing down for easy access to the fuses once the scuttle is on.  I am still not 100% on how I will actually secure the plate at the other end.  For the moment some cables ties are doing the job nicely.  On the hinge end it is being held in by way to big M6 bolts which I will change out once I have a chance.

Earlier on in my search for bits and pieces I bought a basic 12 circuit chassis wiring loom that I will be using as a starting point, however I will be adding many relays to the loom as well.  This basic loom only came with a single relay.  I decided I needed to add a few more. One for each of the following:

  • Fuel Pump
  • Cooling fan
  • Park lights
  • Head lights
  • High beam
  • Accessories
  • Ignition
  • Start
  • And one spare just in case


To be honest I wasn’t really sure where I should start so I figured the steering column is as good a place as any.  So in my first afternoon I have managed to wire up the park and headlight switch to individual relays ready for the wires out to the actual lights.  I did disable the high beam switch on the indicator stalk, so that will be a switch on the dash at a later date.

I will be using a heavy duty 7 core trailer cable to the rear of the car which I hope to pick up this weekend.

Apart from that there isn’t to much to add at this stage.