After much reading of the benefits of a lightened flywheel I took the plunge and ordered a 4.5kg 4140 forged chromoly steel flywheel from the US. I did a lot of research on the different brands out there as I was concerned about a shattering flywheel taking my ankles off. But found the one I ordered had been used 1000’s of times with great success.

After receiving the parcel I did a trial fit to the engine. Bolted up perfectly…as one would expect. I am no expert on machining but the flywheel looks to be of a high quality, if nothing else I think it looks pretty cool. Time will tell how good it really is.

The only downside so far…well actually I am not sure if it is a downside as yet, is that it is designed for a 200mm clutch rather than 212mm as with the standard 20v Silvertop flywheel. However after looking through some clutch catalogues, it doesn’t look like this will be a problem. There are lots of high performance clutches out there designed for the likes of Toyota AE86 Sprinters which will fit.

Note you can see the new spigot bearing in place as well.