After much research and countless hours scouring forums.  I decided to go with Protech Shocks from the UK for the shock abosrbers.  They are used extensively by clubman builders around the world, and especially in the UK.

The recommended shock absorber for the Arrow and I believe the standard on the UK built Westfield is an AVO PA533 for the front and PA534 for the rear.  A quick search of the AVO website found no information on the open and closed lengths.  Much time was spent tracking down the details which I finally found out are:

PA533: 12 inch open, 8.5 inch closed

PA534: 14 inch open, 9.5 inch closed

I decided on 240 lb springs for the front and 140 lb for the rear.  Not sure how these will go but seems to be a reasonably common setup.  I figure they arent hugely expensive so I can change them as required.

So I placed my order and the team at Protech were extremely professional and very quick to respond with answers to my many questions.  The shocks arrived in perfect condition and they even threw in a little C Spanner to adjust the spring platforms.  A nice touch.  I can’t recommend these guys enough.  They were fabulous to deal with and delivered a brilliant product.

Here is the front shock all fitted up.  They look sooo good.  I am one happy camper.