Now that Sam at SQ Engineering had tidied up the axle flanges, I can bolt the whole rear brake assembly together to see how it will look and line up. It will also give me a chance to see if and how much my wheels wont fit under the guards. I had planned on widening the rear wheel arches anyway as I think it looks cool, so the wheels could be just the excuse I need.

Before I started I gave the whole lot a coat of paint. I had planned on using something like POR-15, which I still might do but for a quik tidy up, some satin black spray paint will do. After much fiddling I managed to lift the diff housing in to place. This was a fair bit trickier than I expected as I had no one to help support the axle, and I hade refitted the centre which added lots of weight! The centre I bolted back in was a 3.89 ratio. This seems to be in perfect condition but will only be a temporary fit. I have some dreams of fitting a Quaife LSD using my spare centre with 4.44 ratio.

Anyway once in place it was an easy task to get the trailing arms all bolted on. This was actually a pretty exciting moment as I was so keen to see how the rear wheels sat vs the body.

The first thing to do after the axle was in place was bolt on the new caliper mount. The mount has extra long bolts that come through from the back. This extra length allows for a small spacer to be used to simulate the metal work of the original drum. Then the axle retaining flange slides over the top. It is all held tight with some nyloc nuts.

From here the disc slides on and the the caliper bolts directly to the mount. Additionally there is a small spacer that is used on the claiper mount to centre the caliper over the disc. It is about 3mm thick from memory. This is what it looks like together. The caliper and disc sit perfectly together.

I do have one concern and that is the handbrake mechanism looks like it is going to come very close to the panhard mounting bolts on the drivers side. The passenger side shouldn’t be a problem. It is a little hard to see in the photos due the the angle of the photos.

I will see how this goes once I have the hand brake cables and the all the bolts are done up securely.

So after everything I will have to widen my guards. The rims would just slide inside the guards but with tyres in there as well it won’t fit.