Again not much to report this week, unfortunately.

During the week I managed to pop around to a fellow Arrow clubman builders house to have a look at his progress.  What a car!  The attention to detail on all but the smallest parts is outstanding.  It sets a real bench mark and a goal to get my car as tidy as his.  It was really good to look how others have done some of the smaller and more curly tasks.  It has given some real inspiration, just a shame I couldn’t use that inspiration over the weekend.

So I spent most of the weekend with family which was nice.  In my spare time I did some tidy up on my alloy panneling.  I just tried to neaten up some of the panels so they don’t have any sharp edges.  Also did a trial fit up of the modified engine loom and everything fit perfectly.  I picked up this loom courtesy of John Bosci at Alecam Motorsports.  I think he outsources this work, but it is completed to a very high standard.  From speaking to many this was a good investment in time and money.