Finally my steering is complete! During the week I received my new rubber universal for my column. A rather boring part but the last piece in the steering saga.
First thing to do was removed the splined fitting as the extension bolts directly to the universal. A minute later and this is what you end up with.
Bolting it all together was very easy. I just loosened off the upper steering column mounting bolts to give a little slack allowing fore and aft movement. Slide the universal on the exposed bolts on the upper column, mate up the lower extension shaft and do up all the bolts. And you’re done.
As I chose to use the extra wide front end for my Arrow, the final piece of the steering puzzle is the steering rack extensions. They extend the rack arms length by about 50mm either side. They simply screw on to the threaded shaft. I need to add some locking nuts to these as well.
And some final pics…. The upper steering column in its final resting place with the switch gear attached.