Close but not close enough…

After finally tracking down a steering column for my car, it appears there are 2 different types in early corollas. Both have the same mounting, length and ignition barrel, but one has a slightly larger diameter upper section. I think the larger comes from a KE35 and above.

Doesn’t sound like a big deal but that increased size causes the column to rest on a crossmember near the pedal box making it very difficult to mount to the firewall, but not impossible.

I decided on the KISS principal and went to track down the smaller column.

A quick trip to the local wrecker and I had a bare column from a KE30 corolla. Luckily for me all the accessories like switch gear are interchangeable between columns. Within minutes I had the new column with all the old switch gear mounted.

To fit the slimmer column all that is required is a bit of a trim of the standard firewall mounting plate, a couple of new bolt holes, and it bolts straight in.

Above is the later model and the KE30 is below.

Make sure you do get the appropriate mounting bracket as they do vary from column to column.