What a milestone!  The engine and gearbox are in!  Now that I have run all the lines down the transmission tunnel (thanks Dave for the tip) I could finally bolt the engine into place.  Surprisingly it went in a whole smoother than I expected.  I had my trusty helper on the engine hoist and me slowly guiding the box and engine.  I did remove the radiator from the car before I started which made life easier.

I do have one concern, which I have heard has been raised by other Arrow owners.  And that is the room for the alternator when it is mounted on the drivers side.  It looks like it is going to be very tight next to the steering shaft.  I guess i will find out soon enough.

As for the gearbox I am yet to drill the mounts into  the chassis for it to sit on, so a  piece of RHS underneath the car across the transmission tunnel has been called into action.  The make shift mount does make the gearbox sit a little high.

The hardest part was getting the engine mounts on the engine to play with the rubber mounts on the chassis.  I could easily get one in place but the other was becoming a pain.  I ended up bolting one in loosely, then lifting the other side of the engine up and removing both the rubber chassis mount engine mount from the car, bolted them together and then refitting both in place.  A much easier way of doing things.

Lastly I quickly bolted back on my remote shifter from Alecam Motorsports to see where it would sit in the car.  I jumped in (surprisingly for the first time??) and it feels like it is in the perfect spot in reference to the steering wheel….yeee haaa