As the car is not to far off being rolling I thought I better start considering what tyres  I should get.  I have always wanted Toyo R888’s but of late have been quite interested in the Federal 595 RS-R.  Whilst the Federal are considered more an S-Spec tyre compared to the Toyo as a true semi slick R-Spec. For the road driving I am planning to do I am not sure I will need that extra grip provided by the semi’s.  Plus the Federals can be found considerably cheaper than the R888’s.  And finally the 595s come in 205/45/16 whereas the R888s are available in 195/50/16.


Next was where to get them…do I support the local market and buy at inflated prices or do I head offshore with the great value Aussie dollar?  Some quick searching the net and I found I could get 4 595s in 205/45/16 delivered to my door for under $650 from the UK.

Decision made…now to place the order.

Some great places to try for tyres